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The Mind-Body Scent Connection

The Mind-Body Scent Connection

From early on smells are hardwired to assist in our subconscious memory recall. I have a relative that says, "Guys love the smell of food on the grill. They should make a barbecue scented perfume." Whether or not this would be a success is up in the air, but we do know that our sense of smell has the power to trigger our memories and special moments in time.

Science has proven that there is a direct link from our olfactory bulb which directs information to other areas of the body for further processing. The olfactory bulb, a part of the limbic system, along with the amygdala and hippocampus play a vital role in memory and emotion.

This link between smell and emotion was a focal point when we began to create our line of beauty, body, and candle products. Selecting fragrances that work harmoniously with how the products are designed to work and how they make you feel is important. For example, studies from both Kyoto University and Kobe University have shown that the smell of Yuzu has had a positive effect on both the psycho-emotional state and the autonomic nervous system during  menstrual cycles. The Lady's Moon time product range features Yuzu as a prominent base note to assist with alleviation of those symptoms from both the mind and body perspective.

Olfactory experts explain that our sense of smell can become weaker with age. Fret not,  through exercise this particular sense can be strengthened.  Much like lifting weights but  instead through daily sniffing exercises. The more you consciously use this sense, the stronger it gets!

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