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6 Easy Steps to Making a Great Cup of Tea

“The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement.”    – Arthur Gray

 Step One


Good tasting water, equals good tasting tea. Try to use the best water possible.

 Step Two


Heat water to accurate temperature in an electric teakettle or on stove is preferred over microwave. Correct temperature is one of the most important factors. 170-190 for delicate tea types. 212 degrees for fruit tisanes, herbal/ black and pu-erh teas.

Step Three


If using a non boroscillate glass teapot, warm it with hot tap water first to avoid shattering the glass.  Toss the heated tap water before adding leaves.

Step Four


Use high quality loose leaf because fine teas can be used more than once. Loose leaf tea to water ratio is generally 1 teaspoon of dry leaf to 8 oz of water added to an infuser basket. For more intense flavor , add an additional teaspoon  or two of the dried leaf.

Step Five


Pour warmed water over tea once the recommended temperature is reached. Cover with a lid to avoid tannin evaporation. Set timer for 1-2 mins for white tea and oolong, 2-3 minutes for green tea, and 3-5 mins for most fruity tisanes, blacks, pu-erhs and herbals

Step Six


Serve the tea as soon as possible for best flavor. Use a lighted warmer underneath the prepared tea to keep temperature.
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