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Sacred Pine Selenite Smudge Bundle


Smudging is an ancient way of burning precious wood or herbs to shift or cleanse negative energy. Smoke from the dried pine or other sacred plants and woods changes the air composition and assists in calming the central nervous system. Smudging your space, your body, or your home is akin to taking an energetic shower.

Components: Pine - burned to keep sickness away and attract wealth. Elderflower - used to promote protective energies for yourself and others. Raw White Selenite - a calming stone used to remove unwanted energies and enhances spiritual growth. Palo Santo - a deeply aromatic wood, its purpose is to purify, cleanse, and heal. Tied with a beautiful gold and seafoam antique ribbon.

Directions: Remove your crystal and burn/light your pine and palo santo bundle over an abalone shell or a glass dish to prevent glowing or burning herbs from falling on the floor. After it has igniting a seeing a flame, next blown out flame, then take a moment to reflect on what in your life needs to be purified and what type of positive energy your would like to attract. By using a feather or your hands you can fan the smoke in whatever direction you like and allow any feelings of discontent, anger, resentment, illness, and anxiety to be released from your body and from your space. Do not leave any smoldering items unattended. Make this ancient ritual a part of your daily practice or develop a spiritual routine today!